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About Krave Desserts Bolton

Whether you want some desserts for your family meals or some event you are holding, Krave Desserts is the place to get them. We are passionate about making high quality desserts. That is why we only use the best ingredients in making each item on the menu. All foods are made to perfection and the end result is that every scoop tastes heavenly. Come and eat at our restaurant and you will be happy with not only the great tasting desserts but also the great service the staff members give. All our staff members are friendly and treat clients like family. The sitting area is ideal for family outings with or without children. Alternatively, you can order desserts takeaway that will be delivered and you can enjoy the treat at your preferred location

Krave Desserts Bolton Restaurant

When you come to 2 MacDonald Avenue, Bolton BL4 9RE you will understand why Krave Desserts is the best place to get all the desserts that you need. You will easily spot the place near the Briarwood Drive intersect. The environment is calm and friendly making it the perfect place to eat at. Come on in and order whatever sweet treat it is that you want. We have a sitting area where you can sit comfortably as you enjoy your dessert. If you do not feel like going out, it does not mean that you cannot enjoy our delicious dessert dishes. You can do so by making use of our app. Download the Krave Desserts app from the Google Store or App Store and use it to view the menu. Make an order and it will be delivered to the address selected. We know that when you experience a craving you want to quench it as soon as possible. That is what we deliver fast within the vicinity of Bolton. Order today and we will deliver fast or come to us and we will give you the best service and food.

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